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A lot of users whinge that Sims three maintains crashing even as launching or during the middle of the sport. The same problem occurs while playing in Build Mod ensuing in Sims 3 Black Screen and frequent Sims three crashes to computer. Many a instances, this occurs once they install new extensions for the sport.

Here I am going to list-out the solutions that maximum game enthusiasts have attempted and started playing playing the sport without any problems:

1. Ensure Minimum Requirements
2. Update Video Card, Sound Card and Motherboard Drivers
three. Disable your Antivirus Software
four. Fix the Registry Issues
five. Run Sims 3 in Window Mode
6. Overheating Video Cards
7. Update DirectX
8. Remove Custom Contents
nine. Clear Sims three Cache
10. Reinstall Sims 3
11. Restore the System to an Earlier State

Ensure Minimum Requirements

Make positive your pc fulfill the following minimal Sim Đại Phát requirements for the Sims three game. If your Sims 3 keeps crashing then it could be due to the unmet machine requirements to play the sport.

Windows XP

Ø 2.0 GHz P4 processor or equal
Ø 128 MB Video Card with assist for Pixel Shader 2.0
Ø The brand new version of DirectX 9.0c
Ø Microsoft Windows XP Service Pack 2
Ø At least 6.1 GB of difficult force space with at the least 1 GB of additional space for custom content material and stored video games

Windows Vista / 7

Ø 2.Four GHz P4 processor or equivalent
Ø 1.5 GB RAM
Ø 128 MB Video Card with aid for Pixel Shader 2.Zero
Ø Microsoft Windows Vista Service Pack 1
Ø At least 6.1 GB of hard force space with at least 1 GB of extra area for custom content material and stored video games

Update Video Card, Sound Card and Motherboard Drivers

It could be very tough to play Sims three recreation with previous video card drivers. Often vintage video card drivers do now not guide this recreation. Download and installation latest drivers to your video card, sound card and motherboard.

To down load latest drivers in your video card, go to respective manufacturer’s website.

Disable your Antivirus Software

Disable the antivirus software program quickly and attempt playing the game once more. It turned into located that the sport Sims 3 regularly crashes with antivirus softwares.

Fix the Registry Issues

Sims three too stores important statistics inside the registry like other packages and video games established in your pc. Unauthorized modification of its related registry entries by the consumer or program might also lead the sport crashing hassle.

You will should use an amazing third-celebration registry cleansing software program.

Run Sims three in Window Mode

Try going for walks Sims 3 in Window Mode. To accomplish that, click on Options positive your video card is well cooled if it is an overheating trouble.